Saturday, January 6, 2007

Wiki Wiki! Waka Waka

I know you're all just dying to know what I think about Wiki. Well, here goes....
Well, first of all, when people say Wiki Wiki, it can't help but make me think of the classic line from the movie Hook, "Lookie Lookie, I've got Hookie" (as said by Ruffio). But, the wiki equivalent of that would be Wiki Wiki I've got Nikki. But, I'm sure Nikki would be hard to capture, so the equivalence is lost. However, Ruffio was killed by Hook, and it is possible that if someone tried to abduct Nikki they would very well end up dead.
Anywho, that has nothing to do with the REAL wiki business. Well, I think wiki is a great concept. Some of the wikis I looked at were well organized and attractive and others could use a little work. I guess a wiki is only as good as it's creator/s. I suppose if someone is incredibly interested in a particular subject, then it might not matter to them how attractive it is. However, technology is such that it's not THAT hard to make things a little more interesting than plain text with small, dull links. Also, some of them had too much information on one page. That makes it harder to read and follow.


Robin said...

I think you are absolutely right, Noelle - anyone trying to abduct Nikki would not come out the winner. That being said, you are also right about the creator being responsible for the relative worth/prettiness of the wiki. While the idea behind a wiki is to get community support and help in creating content, the original creator has to take the lead, so to speak. I think it was Letitia who commented on the friendliness of one of the wikis she found on her explorations. A friendly, pretty, easy to use wiki will naturally be more attractive to content contributors and to casual visitors!!

Tammy said...

"Waka Waka Waka" I would try to make a clever joke here too, but I'm sure you'd just comment back, "Leave comedy to the bears."
How brave of you Noelle, to try to set-up your own wiki and admitting to the difficulty of making it user-friendly and inviting.