Thursday, February 15, 2007

TAG -not just an effective body spray/deodarant

But a cool bookmarking tool as well. Well, I must admit I haven't really done any official tagging before. It took me a little while to get used to. I usually just go ahead and get hands on because that's the way I learn the best. I signed up for and LibraryThing-my screen for both of them is souprnoelle (in case anyone wants to find me). I like LibraryThing the best out of the tagging sites. I'm slightly picky about books that interest me, so all of the tags and suggestions are very helpful. As for - I'm still finding my way around. It is a good way to organize my varied interests onto my own page. Technorati was my least favorite just because, quite frankly, I don't usually like reading the blogs of people I don't know-even if the subject is of interest to me. However, I do think it is a healthy way for people to express themselves and exercise their freedom of speech. I need to go for now....LATOR GATORS!

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